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Revenue Cycle Management Software

Rev-Ignition makes sure you receive and experience the advantage of having a fully integrated revenue cycle management software that was designed to improve operational efficiency. Tailored RCM solutions not only enable a clean revenue flow, but also provide a way to improve marketing efforts, payer negotiations and productivity of the practice. A big part of our work is providing a platform on which our clients can track all patient information in one place. This results in the ability to quickly respond to insurance denials. This leads to fewer write-offs and more revenue. This also translates to the ability to provide patients with the treatments they need at the soonest possible time.

Our product and services are available for clients in need of full-scale RCM software assistance or individual services. In both cases, we want to help you – either by establishing a system that offers a big improvement, or perhaps enhancing a system that already works for you.

Contact Rev-Ignition today and let’s see how we can optimize your financial processes so you can focus on providing the best care for your customers.

Physician Solutions

Details are in the data. Rev-Ignition supplies monthly/weekly/daily reporting tools to track trends both positive and negative. Rev-Ignition constantly monitors payers, government regulations and staff productivity in order to create the best possible outcome. Denials do not start with the payor rejection. Denials actually can be mitigated starting with the front office workflow. Rev-Ignition will invest time and expertise with the appropriate staff member in order to reduce denials.

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Physical Therapist Solutions

Rev-Ignition is a partner. With the changes in healthcare every Rehab office has more and more paperwork to submit and track. This would be ok if you actually got paid at a higher rate as well as on time. Rev-Ignition has workflows that will “trap” issues in order to alert the front office of any potential threat to your cash flow due it insurance issues. Rev-Ignition will set protocols in place that will reduce your denials due to no authorization or expired authorization.

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