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RCM Services

Revenue Cycle Management Services

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Our Suite of Services is designed as a full RCM service offering and is also available as individual services, providing us the ability to cater to the unique challenges of our clients.

  • Monthly patient statement processing
  • Daily (M-F) electronic claims submission
  • Paper claims submission
  • Primary & secondary billing
  • Claim rejection and claim follow-up (prevents untimely filing & unnecessary write-offs)
  • Patient billing for unpaid co-payments and self-payments
  • Payment & adjustment processing (Electronic Remittance advice & EOB) excluding cash and credit card payments
  • Referral tracking as required
  • Financial reporting
  • Monthly aging reporting
  • Month end reporting
  • Work with Therapists by sending a task to get any service tickets or clinical note information required to process claim
  • Processing, maintaining and covering all costs required to properly process all claims through clearinghouse
  • IT hosting services
  • Conditional right to use Raintree Software Products (Unlimited Users)
  • Eliminates current software maintenance support contract fees

We want you to eliminate the common pitfalls of a healthcare practice – one of these would be handling an overwhelming amount of paperwork. Through our software, you can easily filter and sift through volumes of information. All patients get their own accounts, which results in simplicity of record keeping and a much more efficient process – one which our software and unique solutions to your needs will create for you. Everything that involves paper processes will receive a boost with Rev-Ignition on board.

Claims submission, financial reporting, payment processing, and a host of other healthcare-related work will be much easier to perform. It’s important that the business side of your clinic/hospital works efficiently, because it will enable all departments to operate smoothly.

Our goal is to migrate most of the time-consuming work to an electronic platform. To continue working with paper is no longer a practical alternative, given that you can now keep your records on a digital platform. Access to your records would be much easier and you can ensure accuracy of the claims. With Rev-Ignition’s revenue cycle management services for healthcare, you can improve profitability. As a result, your practice will be more stable and you can aim for growth.

We can help you with everything related to billing, collection and revenue. Whether it’s with the patient or the insurance company, you can count on RCM services to make your life easier.

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