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Healthcare Reimbursement Trends

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Advancements in Technology Are Paving the Way to the Future

Better, faster, stronger technological advancements are happening on a seemingly daily basis. And the healthcare industry is certainly no exception. The following outlines a few things you may want to be not only aware of, but perhaps ready for.

Tracking Devices Worn by Patients

Recent claims say some 70 million Americans currently use wearable tracking devices to monitor not only their physical activity, but many other health related concerns such as calorie consumption, sleep patterns, and even the person’s real time vital signs. These exciting new devices show great promise in improving the way people live and monitor their own health matters.  The information collected by such devices could prove an invaluable tool in the area of patient care.

Healthcare Centered On Patients

Significant changes are beginning to change the way healthcare providers look at healthcare, placing the patient at the core of the care. The goal of this new trend is to improve patient satisfaction and engagement.

However, this approach is proving to be an entirely new zone. The healthcare industry as a whole is just beginning to understand and implement new ways to get patients better understanding and more involved, taking healthcare beyond the customary office visit. The truth is, many providers have not even begun to tap into Social Medias which is among the fastest growing technologies driving better communication among people; and between healthcare providers and their patients. Healthcare providers are going to need to utilize these resources more and maore as the trend continues towards use of the Internet as a sole source of information. People are already beginning to shop for healthcare providers the same way they shop for cars, homes, etc.; by using the Internet.

Demands for Data are Increasing

Clinicians and administrators find themselves in a daily struggle to find the information necessary to guide their planning. It seems there is always a piece of information missing and finding it could be crucial to the quality of care your facility is able to provide its patients.  One example of this may be, which rehabilitation facility was a patient released to following a procedure? All too often, the clinician must rely on either a best guess based on inadequate information, or wade through miles of irrelevant information to find the answer.

By utilizing an EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouse), information is stored intelligently, and cross referenced transversely a number of platforms, making the required information far easier to obtain.

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