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How do I know you are working my account?

As a client you will have access our RCM product. You will be able to review patient accounts and information with the ease of a key stroke.

How do I have access to my data?

Our RCM product is viewed via a secure site. Once our clients have a user ID and password they gain access to their data.

Is there a specific person that I will work with?

Each client is assigned a Client Service Manager. Our managers have years of experience and are trained in all aspects of your billing and collections needs.

Do you know the specific rules for Medicaid in my state?

As you know Medicaid rules change from year to year. We at Rev-Ignition are well versed in these changes prior to the date affected for all our clients regardless of the state in which they reside.

Who handles all the denials?

At Rev-Ignition we have a denial management team. Whether the denial is at first pass or denial after adjudication we handle every denial timely.

Who does a patient call if they have an issue?

We have a toll free number for the patients to call in order to help them understand their balance or insurance concern.

When do I get my reports ?

The client service manager will set monthly meeting with your office in order to discuss your reports as well as any updates regarding your account.

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