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About Us

Rev-Ignition is an RCM that delivers not only a product and a resource we deliver a team of experts in their field in order to partner with your office to maximize reimbursement for your services. We track trends and healthcare changes in order to help our clients predict their financial future accurately.

Our tools and knowledge will help our clients:

  • Reduce Costs
  • Maximize Revenue possibilities
  • Collaborate for better workflows and processes
  • Actively produce patients statements in order to maximize patient payments

Rev-Ignition is a Proud Member of Healthcare Billing & Management Association


Meet our Leadership Team!

Tricia Morgan-Putt – President
Richard Welty – CEO


Daily uploads of claims to clearing house


All rejections and insurance follow up to work all claims in a timely manner, to prevernt any untimely filings, and unnecessary write offs


Maintaining, and covering all costs required to properly process all claims through clearinghouse


All payments ensuring all proper posting and adjustments procedures are handled correctly

Bill Patients

For unpaid co—pays and self-payments, all primary and secondary claims


Initial authorization and re-authorizations