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Revenue Cycle Management Company

98.20% of all claims are accepted on first submission. With this high rate, our clients benefit from our expertise by resulting in a positive financial impact.

RCM Services – Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Our Professional Business Consulting ignites the way our clients conduct business by revealing ways to improve, and in many cases, increase their revenue. Our services offering seeks to reduce operating costs and increase overall client profitability. Our Analytics empower our clients to have equitable payer negotiations at the contracting table, improve marketing efforts and practice productivity.

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Our Suite of Services is designed as a full service offering and is also available as individual services, providing us the ability to cater to the unique challenges of our clients.

  • Monthly patient statement processing
  • Daily (M-F) Electronic Claims Submission
  • Paper Claim Submission
  • Primary & Secondary Billing
  • Payment & Adjustment Processing
  • Patient billing for unpaid co-payments
  • Monthly Aging Reporting
  • Month End Reporting
  • Claim rejection and claim follow up
  • Patient billing for unpaid self-payments
  • Financial Reporting
  • Referral Tracking

Any practice that aims for sustainability and growth must ensure that they are operating smoothly, from the moment a patient arranges a consultation, all the way to treatment and releasing. As one of the leading RCM provider, we ensure you get technology that delivers efficient tracking, verification and account establishment.

More importantly, we want revenue to flow constantly. This entails total accuracy of claims presented to the insurance company, which involves creating a patient record of medical history, insurance coverage and eligibility. Our software covers all these. As such, in the event of rejections, our clients can spot the inconsistencies and avoid write-offs. With our software, you won’t miss a single detail. This will result in better patient treatment, as well as fewer problems with the insurer.

When looking for a partner in healthcare revenue cycle management, look no further than Rev-Ignition. Our company will find RCM solutions to handle your unique operational issues.

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